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web to print faq

Here is a list of Web to Print FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). If you have a question that does not appear in our FAQ section, please feel free to contact us.

Web to Print FAQ General Questions

What is Web to Print?

Web to print, in its simplest form, is a website that you or your employees can order customized marketing materials and/or inventoried items that are branded to your organization. Depending on the user’s permissions, the site presents a catalog of certain templates and items that they are permitted to order. The user enters their information into fields. The web to print system will present a real-time proof which can either be approved or edited further.

Who is Web to Print Meant For?

Virtually every business in most every industry could benefit from a web to print storefront. Whether you’re a small business startup, a franchise, a college or university, or a financial institution, you will realize improved efficiencies and lower costs.

Ordering stationery items and/or marketing materials or business forms takes time, and ultimately, money! Having it all in one easy-to-use ordering system not only benefits those who are ordering items, but those who have to manage the business processes by giving them control and efficiencies. The manufacturers who produce or fulfill the orders will see benefits and can pass on the savings to you.

How to Order Items in a Web to Print System?

Ordering is extremely simple and easy. Firstly, select your desired product from a catalogue of items that are logically sorted into folders. Secondly, select quantity, enter your personal information or other variable text, if applicable. Finally, proof your item on-screen, approve it and add it to your cart.

If you have ever shopped online, once the item is in your cart, the system behaves like any other e-commerce site.

Web to Print FAQ User Questions

How Do Users Access a Web to Print System?

For most B2B (Business to Business) web to print systems, the site can be set up for user self-registration with a valid corporate email address. This eliminates the need to maintain a user list. As another option, a list of users can be provided to be set up for access to the storefront. As a final option, a simple generic user account can be set up and its username and password shared with those who require access to the web to print system.

If a procurement system or spend management software is used by your organization, there are sometimes integration options. Please contact us for details!

If a B2C (Business to Customer) web to print system is desired, guest users without a login and password can browse and build items but will have to create an account before checking out their shopping basket.

Can Web to Print Systems Allow Re-Orders?

Yes. As long as user profiles or accounts are being used, you can view all orders you have submitted in the past. You may use these for identical re-orders, or as a starting point for a new order.

Web to Print FAQ Getting Started Questions

How Do You Get Started with a Web to Print System?

Once your customizable templates and/or static items are programmed and billing and shipping options set, you may then publish the link on your intranet and/or email it to your users/employees. Depending on the number of items to set up, this process may take a few business days.

What is the Cost of a Free Trial Web to Print System?

Nothing! The free trial gets you set up for your ordering system, including a customizable template for your organization.

Web to Print FAQ Order Approval Questions

Can Supervisors Maintain Control in a Web to Print System?

Yes! With most web to print systems, a single approver or gatekeeper can be set up. The approver will be notified, typically via an email, that there is an order awaiting approval. The approver may approve, deny or event edit the order before it is sent automatically to the manufacturer(s) and/or fulfilment center. With some more advanced web to print systems, multiple approvers can be set up.

Web to Print FAQ Product Questions

Do Web to Print Storefronts Only Handle Stationery Items?

No. Stationery items are our primary products because they provide our clients with the greatest savings. A web to print system can handle almost any type of a customizable item.

Almost every organization orders business cards several times a year and the savings really add up with a web to print system!

Please check out our list of marketing materials for a comprehensive list of items that we can help you with or use it for inspiration for ideas on how to use our system!

Can Different Products Be Shown to Different Users?

Yes! Different groups of users or divisions may be set up to filter what is shown to those groups or divisions.

Expanding on this same concept, you could also provide different budgets or pricing to certain levels of users. For example, perhaps you have Bronze, Silver and Gold level rankings for different franchise locations. You can present different order quantities or different pricing that is available to each level.

Can My Web to Print Provider Handle the Design of My Products?

Not usually. If you have PDFs of your items, we can likely use that to create your customizable template.

If you require design from scratch, we recommend that you contact a graphic design company, advertising agency or creative services department.

If you only have printed samples and no electronic files of your items, please contact us for a quote to rebuild those items.

Web to Print FAQ Billing Questions

What Billing Methods Can My Web to Print System Support?

A web to print system may be set up to accept purchase order numbers that must match pre-determined pattern or follow particular rules. Multiple cost centre codes may also be set up that the user must select.

Payment by credit card can also be set up, usually with direct integration with dozens of different payment gateway providers.

The possibilities are virtually endless!

Can My Web to Print Storefront Accommodate Coupon Codes?

Yes! Your web to print storefront can accommodate coupon codes that can be set for one-time usage, or multiple times, with a date range for validity. They can be for a set dollar amount or for a percentage discount. Or they can be made to provide free shipping if you normally charge otherwise, if you prefer. If you only want to offer a set amount of coupon codes, your web to print provider can supply you with those codes!

Can My Web to Print Solution Handle Gift Cards?

Yes! Your web to print solution can handle gift card codes. They have a monetary value associated with them. Once a gift card code is redeemed on the billing page, it becomes a credit in the user’s account and nobody else can redeem it again. The user can use that credit during the present or a future transaction as the monetary value is saved in that user’s account.

Web to Print FAQ Shipping Questions

What Shipping Methods Do Web to Print Solutions Support?

Your web to print solution can support pickup and many different type of shipping courier options. Many shipment providers can be integrated with your storefront. Sometimes the integration consists of providing and tracking number that the end-user can track their shipment. Other integrations consist of real-time shipping rates. OOSys can provide tight integration with Purolator, Fedex, UPS, USPS, eShipper and 2Ship.com. Many other providers can be integrated too.

Does Web to Print Support Split Shipments?

Your web to print solution can support split shipments. If you or your employee is responsible for ordering marketing materials for several locations, they may order multiple orders within the same order and have them shipped to multiple locations.

Web to Print FAQ More Questions?

Do You Have More Questions?

If you have a question or believe that there is a question that should be listed here in our Web to Print FAQ, please feel free to contact us and let us know!