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15 Amazing Features of a Web to Print Solution

The key features of a web to print solution should all lead to creating a more productive and efficient ordering experience for both the customer and the vendor. Loads of features are available with your OOSys online ordering system. We highlight some of the major ones below. PLEASE NOTE: Not all features are available in every plan. Please visit our Solutions and Plans pages to see plan breakdowns. Please also visit our Announcement & News page to see the latest features of our plans.

Features of a Web To Print Solution Quick Look

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Features of a Web to Print Solution in More Detail

Secured & Encrypted

OOSys Web to Print Online Ordering Systems use password protection and current industry-standard TLS 1.2 and higher encryption to secure your storefront(s). Credit card payment encryption subscribes to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Password requirement options can be set such as minimum and maximum number of characters, capital letters and special characters.

24/7 Availability

Your private storefronts are open all the time and available wherever you are connected to the internet. The exception being for minimal scheduled downtime for system upgrades and updates which typically only happen during off-peak hours and on weekends.

Multi-User Capability

Your Online Ordering System can be set up for self-registration or a list can be imported to allow for multiple users. Each user may optionally have personal assets and a personal address book that is unique to them. Information from a user’s stored profile can be automatically inserted into a customizable printed item to speed up the personalization process. Let your users customize, proof and order their items!

Approval Routing

Your OOSys storefront can be set up one or two order approvers. You may have an approver for a group of users (or a department or faculty, for example). You could then have a master approver that would then approve all orders for all groups.

Profiles & Lists

Shared data lists and company address lists can pre-populate fields on variable items. This reduces the amount of time to create a variable item such as a business card, letterhead, or envelope and also reduces the chance of inputting errors.

Custom Catalogs

Custom catalogs filter items which are visible to certain departments or divisions. This can be extremely helpful to limit what items specific users can view and order. You could also present different ordering volumes or prices to different groups of users/dealers/franchises such as bronze, silver, gold, or platinum levels.


Users can easily search for previous orders, modify them, if necessary, and quickly re-order them.

Customizable Printed Items

Customizable items are set up to match even the most demanding visual identity rules. Learn more about branding and visual identity rules.

Instant Proofing

Customizable item proofs are shown instantly for immediate proofreading. A watermarked PDF may be downloaded. This eliminates a major time-consuming step in proofing and speeds up the entire ordering process.

Multi-Size or Multi-Colour Items

Catalog items may consist of multiple sizes and/or colours. This is ideal for promotional items such as t-shirts or other items of clothing.

Inventory Management

Your storefront can display stock levels within the catalog. In addition, low-stock settings and automated notifications can be enabled to help you manage inventoried items. Order history can easily be reviewed to check for prior order history to make more informed decisions regarding replenishment.

Shipping Rates

Real-time shipping rates can be automated via UPS, Fedex, Purolator or Canada Post. Some providers are integrated with weight and size options to give you the most accurate shipping rates. Alternatively, multi-zone, multi-weight tables can be imported via an uploaded spreadsheet. Check out our paper weight calculators to find out about the weight of your print jobs!

Flexible Payment Options

Real-time credit card transactions, PayPal, PO’s or cost centres may be used as payment options. Gift cards, coupon codes, discount codes and budgets are also available.

Shipment Tracking

A shipment notice with tracking number is emailed upon shipment completion to track orders.

Self-Serve Custom Reports

Order, job and user reports are customizable and able to be downloaded on demand. Samples of ready-made reports include: monthly report of completed orders; list of products ordered; orders grouped by user; products grouped by user; list of orders by date; report of discounts used; and report of orders by shipping information.

Features of a Web to Print Solution in Conclusion

Combining all of the features of a web to print solution above leads to a world-class web to print online ordering solution. And we, at OOSys, are able to provide all of these to deliver the best experience for both customers and vendors.