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Why OOSys? (pronounced ü-sis)

Why OOSys Web to Print Online Ordering Systems?

Why does my business or organization need a web to print online ordering system? Why OOSys?

Time is money… this is even more true for purchasing your branded marketing materials and business forms. For many companies, even the smallest of these — business cards — require a lot of time and effort. They are almost always in high demand on short notice and they usually consist of many orders. Therefore, this results in a flood of emails with corrections and approvals of proofs. Shouldn’t you and your employees spend time on more important things? Your client or employee will likely at least compose an email with their request for a business card. Why not get them to enter that information directly into their real-time proof? An OOSys web to print online ordering system allows you to do that. And best of all — you can try it for free!

Save Time

Beat your competition with quicker and more efficient production and distribution of any material or product.

Increase Efficiency

Focus on your core strengths and automate time-consuming tasks to free up time for even more profitable activities.

Adapt With Consistency

Quickly bring your marketing templates online and allow for self-serve customization of any marketing material.

What Else Can OOSys Do For Me?

Your OOSys Online Ordering System can handle many different types of web to print items and other things too! For example, for franchisees, it can keep track of quarterly budget spends on marketing materials and monitor inventory levels of commonly-used forms and promotional items, all while maintaining and enforcing branding rules set out by head office. The system can also help you assemble documents on the fly, for instance. If you have personal, company or uploaded files consisting of PDFs, Word files, or JPEGs that need to be selected, combined and re-ordered into coil bound booklet, your OOSys storefront can help you with that!

Check out our extensive list of marketing materials and products that your OOSys system can support. If you’ve got some unique challenges in your organization that require special attention, drop us a line, as we will likely be able to help you with those challenges!

If you deal with multiple vendors on a regular basis, wouldn’t it be great if all of them could be dealt with from a unified storefront? OOSys can make that happen for you! Ordering items from different vendors can happen in a single session and single shopping cart. OOSys will direct the individual orders to the appropriate vendor in the background, auto-magically! To learn more about unified storefronts, please check out this link.

OOSys Satisfaction Guarantee

We will not be happy until you, our client, is happy. This is our OOSys Satisfaction Guarantee. With the exception of some of our Partner Printer plans, all of our plans do NOT require a long-term commitment. We are confident that you will be happy and realize both the time- and cost-savings that an OOSys Web to Print Online Ordering System provides.

Why OOSys Compared to Others?

Conventional printers are rarely equipped to handle business cards efficiently. Therefore, they consider business cards and other stationery items to be an unpopular and unprofitable (or loss-leader) side business. In contrast, online printing services tend to cater to graphic designers, advertising agencies, and private individuals. These services typically only offer standard templates for business cards. As a result, you have to upload a print-ready PDF or logo every time you wish to place an order. OOSys bridges this gap and provides long-term, optimized solutions for your corporate business cards. OOSys also allows you to offer other stationery items and other business-related products.

Compare for yourself:

 OOSysConventional PrinterOnline Printing Service
Specializes in stationery items✔︎??
Personal consultation✔︎✔︎-
Support provided by Canadians✔︎??
Customized corporate stationery item store with password protection✔︎--
Efficient ordering platform optimized for your stationery items✔︎--
Easy user administration for self-procurement✔︎--
Paperless workflow for internal approval/authorization✔︎-✔︎
Professional print quality with the tightest tolerances✔︎??
High colour consistency from one order to the next✔︎✔︎?
Great selection of stocks✔︎✔︎?
Automatic QR (Quick Response) code generation available✔︎-?
Special colours (Pantone) and coatings available✔︎✔︎-
Embossing and die-cutting available✔︎✔︎-
Inventory management capabilities✔︎?-
No costs for software, configurations, or IT projects✔︎-?
Free setup and maintenance of initial 3 templates✔︎--
Pricing matrices and preprint/imprint options available✔︎✔︎-
Ganging options for better pricing✔︎✔︎-

PLEASE NOTE: Not all features are available in every OOSys Plan. View all of our plan options here.

Why OOSys? Put Simply - Your Best Choice

With our combination of knowledge, experience and capabilities, we can provide you with the best web to print online ordering solution. Combine that with affordable pricing plans, OOSys is simply your best choice.

Why OOSys