OOSys News & Web to Print Announcements 2024

OOSys news
Here is a list of announcements and related OOSys news. These are arranged from newest at the top to oldest at the bottom.

OOSys News: Blog #7

February 26, 2024

Please check out our blog entry #7 called “Business Card Automation in 2024: Embracing Web to Print for Efficiency”! We show you the most affordable web to print solution to automate the typesetting of your business cards!

Anti-Inflation Winter 2023 Sale Announcement

January 9, 2023
Happy New Year! With fresh OOSys news, we are pleased to announce that OOSys is having a HUGE sale on ALL of our web to print plans. Just doing our part to fight inflation! Please check out our plans or feel free to contact us for a custom quote on your desired custom plan.

New Feature Announcement

July 25, 2022
We are happy to announce that OOSys now supports multiple languages for your storefronts! Not only is a language selectable but it can also change the catalogue automatically so that it shows only items that are relevant to the language selected. Please note that only the more robust plans support this option or feel free to contact us for a custom quote on your desired plan with this à la carte feature added.

OOSys News: Blog #6

July 18, 2022
We are announcing a new series of blog posts called “Web to Print Deep Dive”. This series of blog posts will go deeper into the details of an OOSys web to print online ordering system. The goal of these blog posts is to educate and to inspire our prospective and current clients. Please check out our blog entry #6 called “Deep Dive 01: Web to Print User Management”! We show you how user management and its features help you with your web to print solution.

Web to Print Plans for Business Changes

April 14, 2022
From customer feedback, we have simplified and lowered the cost of entry into our Web to Print Plans for Business. Please check them all out here!

Blog #5

October 24, 2021
Please check out our blog entry #5 called “The Best Business Card Order Form Alternative”! We show you the disadvantages of a traditional business card order form and why a web to print solution is far superior to it.

First Anniversary Celebration & Contest Draw Winners Announced!

September 20, 2021
Congratulations go out to Maria H. as our Grand Prize winner and Brian T. as our Second Prize winner!

OOSys News: NEW Web to Print for Printers Micro Plans Added!

September 8, 2021
By popular request, we have added three new extremely affordable web to print for printing companies plans. Please check them all out here!

First Anniversary Celebration & Contest!

August 31, 2021
To celebrate our FIRST ANNIVERSARY, we have decided to hold our very first contest! Please follow this link for all the details to earn entries for our draw for the Grand Prize of a FREE 6 month subscription to a plan of your choice!

Blog #4

July 5, 2021
Please check out our blog entry #4 called “4 Signs Showing You’re Ready for a Web to Print Storefront”! We show you the tell-tale signs that mean you are ready for web to print.

Partner Printer Plans Changes

April 9, 2021
From customer feedback, we have reduced the cost of the two top-tier plans of the Partner Printer program allowing for even easier upgrading. Please check them all out here! If necessary, please contact us for the password to that page.We are also excited to announce the availability of a B2C storefront setup for the three top-tier Partner Printer plans. This is a customizable bootstrap 4 website that can be set up with real-time pricing calculators and upload products ideal for commercial printing companies!

OOSys News Introduces Paper Weight Calculators

April 5, 2021
Have you ever wondered what your next print job would weigh so that you could estimate shipping charges? Well… we are pleased to present a few handy paper weight calculators. Please check them all out here!

Blog #3

March 28, 2021
Please check out our blog entry #3 called “Why is Brand Management Important?”! We provide the ins & outs of brand management and why it has become important to every organization.

New Year’s Update

January 5, 2021

Partner Printer Plans Changes

We have added a couple of more plans to the Partner Printer program allowing for easier upgrading. Please check them all out here! Please contact us for the password to that page.

“Giving Back” Program Announcement

We will launching our “giving back” program in the second quarter of 2021. More details to come!

Blog #2

December 14, 2020
Please check out our blog entry #2 called “What Is All This Hype about Web to Print, Anyway? or, The Beginner’s Guide to Web to Print”! We explore the many names of Web to Print and a bit of its history.

Official Launch of our Blog (#1)

September 29, 2020
In an effort to assist our SEO endeavours, we launched our blog. Please check out our first blog entry called “Why Does My Educational Institution Need a Web to Print Online Ordering System?”! We go into deep details as to why universities, colleges and even school boards can benefit from a solutions such as OOSys.

Official Launch of our Website

September 1, 2020
After a few months of construction and tweaking here and there, we made the brave switch to from “draft” to “publish” in WordPress! And you are reading it right now!

OOSys Canada Inc. Officially Incorporated

August 11, 2020
Big day! We received our incorporation papers from the government of Canada, eh.

Social Media Accounts Set Up

August 8, 2020

We created our corporate accounts in various social media platforms today. Please check them out!