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FAQ (23 Frequently Asked Questions)

Here is a list of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). If you have a question that does not appear in our FAQ section, please feel free to contact us.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

... FAQ about OOSys in general

It is a password-protected, secure website that you or your employees can order branded business cards and other items. The site contains a catalog of templates and items specific to your organization. As a result, you only have to enter your personal information into the template. The website is specifically set up for your company or organization by OOSys Canada Inc.

With the free plan of OOSys you are sent a username and password to access the system. For paid versions of OOSys, it can be set up for user self-registration with a valid corporate email address. This eliminates the need to maintain a user list. Or, if you prefer, you may send us a list of users to set up. If you use a procurement system or spend management software, there may be some options for cXML integration, please contact us for details!

With the free OOSys plan, a single approver is set up. With paid versions of OOSys plans, up to two supervisors can be set up to receive approval notification emails. The supervisor(s) either approves, denies or edits the orders before it is sent to the manufacturer(s).

Virtually every business in most every industry could benefit from an OOSys online ordering. Whether you’re a small business startup, a franchise, a college or university, or a financial institution, you will realize improved efficiencies and lower costs. Ordering stationery items and/or marketing materials or business forms takes time, and ultimately, money!

Having it all in one easy-to-use ordering system not only benefits those who are ordering items, but those who have to manage the business processes by giving them control. The manufacturers who produce or fulfill the orders will see benefits and pass on savings to you.

... FAQ about starting with OOSys

First, OOSys sets up your online ordering system with your stationery templates. Depending on the number of items to set up, this process may take up to five (5) business days once we have all the information we require. Once complete, you may then publish the link on your intranet, or email it to your employees.

Nothing! The free plan for OOSys gets you set up for your ordering system, including a template for your business card, letterhead and #10 envelope. You only pay for the products you order! Your pricing will default to the standard stationery pricing found on our website unless you ask for custom quoting.

... FAQ about OOSys products

Stationery items are our primary products because they provide our clients with the greatest savings. Almost every organization orders business cards several times a year and the savings really add up! With any paid versions of OOSys, you can add virtually any type of product, static or variable. Items such as timecards, t-shirts, promotional items, marketing materials, etc.

Please check out our list of products for a comprehensive list of items that we can help you with or use it for inspiration for ideas on how to use our system!

OOSys specializes in corporate stationery items. Organizations have a well-defined corporate design for their brand. As a result, standard templates are of no use to them. OOSys provides the setup of all product templates for each customer. All you need to do is send OOSys one or more samples (either in print or PDF format). Our team makes all your templates available to you in a customized, password-protected catalog.

No. We recommend that you contact a graphic design company, advertising agency or creative services department for any design work. If you only have printed samples and no electronic files of your items, OOSys can quote you for rebuilding those items.

No. There is no cost for maintenance, tweaks and fixes for templates. This applies to paid template setups and your free template setups. However, if your request consists of a re-design or new visual identity, then charges may apply. OOSys will let you know before any work is completed.

... FAQ about OOSys web to print online ordering systems

Once your online ordering system is set up, ordering is extremely simple and easy. Firstly, select your desired product. Secondly, select quantity, enter your personal information or other variable text, if applicable. Finally, proof your item, approve it and add it to your cart. If you have ever shopped online, once the item is in your cart, the system behaves like any other e-commerce site.

An email confirmation is sent for every order. (Please don’t forget to check your junk mail folder!) If you do not receive a confirmation within one hour of submission, your order did not complete successfully. Please contact us by e-mail at [email protected] to check the status of your order.

Yes. You can view all orders you have submitted in the past. You may use these for identical re-orders, or as a sample for similar requests.

Yes. You can save any order within a cart. You can come back to edit any item within the cart, or select items from it, and place an order.

No, since manual orders generate additional costs that we do not wish to pass on to our customers. However, OOSys offers convenient re-ordering functions that only require a few mouse clicks in your web browser.

No. The addresses you provide is automatically processed for billing and shipping. Please make sure you select the correct billing address and provide the complete shipping address prior to submitting your order.

No, the automated production process begins shortly after submission of your online order. This is the reason you can take delivery of your requested products quickly.

... FAQ about payments

With the free version of OOSys, items are paid for using a credit card.

With paid plans, OOSys customers may choose to set up terms with the manufacturer(s). If using terms, invoices are sent out by mail, separately from the shipped product(s).

You may also set up the system to accept purchase order numbers that must match pre-determined pattern or follow particular rules or you can set up multiple cost centre codes. The possibilities are virtually endless!

... FAQ about shipping

With the free versions of OOSys, standard stationery items will take a maximum of 3 days to be ready for shipment from receipt of order. For paid plans, shipment expectations can be communicated within the system. As an option, rush turnarounds may be permitted for additional fees.

Once your item ships from the manufacturer, a shipping confirmation is sent to your email address. This message contains a link to track your package using the shipping service’s website. If you do not receive your order by 7 working days following submission of your order, please contact us. We can be reached at [email protected] to check on the status of your order.

With the free version of OOSys, there is no way to specify a rush on an order. On any of our paid OOSys plans, rush delivery service can be selected so that urgently-needed stationery items can arrive even faster. As expected, the rush service will be more expensive than the regular service.

With the free version of OOSys, items within the same order may not be completed on the same day or at the same facility. To get your order to you as quickly as possible, items always ship directly from the facility the day they are completed. Therefore, you may receive separate packages for your items. With the paid plans of OOSys, shipping rules can be set up to allow for virtually any possible scenario!

With the free versions of OOSys, you pay for your order with a credit card and your order confirmation email is your invoice.

If you are set up with terms, only a packing slip is shipped with your item(s). Invoices are then sent separately by mail.

With the paid versions of OOSys, confirmation emails are always sent to the orderer and invoicing information may be set up in the form of reports that are automatically sent at specified intervals to specific individual(s).

Please feel free to discuss your requirements for any billing arrangement and we will be happy to try to accommodate your needs!

If you have a question or think that there is questions and answer that should be here in our FAQ section, please feel free to contact us.