Why Does My Educational Institution Need a Web to Print Online Ordering System?

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A web to print online ordering system, to state things academically (see what we did there?), makes your educational organization more efficient at ordering stationery items and/or marketing materials, thus, saving time and, ultimately, money! Simply having commonly used forms, promotional items and printed marketing pieces available in a centralized, easy-to-use ordering system is justification enough. But the possibilities in using such a system are virtually limitless. Let’s explore some the key benefits that are available with a robust online ordering system.

Benefits of a Robust Online Ordering System

Robust web to print online ordering systems will have many options to provide your end-users in terms of the ordering process as well as the wide selection of product types available in your catalogue of items. The possibilities are endless!

De-Centralized Ordering, Instant Proofing & Brand Consistency

If desired, the online ordering system may be configured to allow staff members to self-register, build their personalized item, and instantly proof it. The item proof is automatically typeset according to pre-approved visual identity rules that were set up by the marketing arm of your educational institution to enforce and maintain brand consistency. Learn more about branding and visual identity rules.

In-House Plant Efficiencies & Economies of Scale

Removing the proofing cycle from the workflow will make your in-house printing facility more efficient and speed up turnaround times. Providing the easy-to-use ordering system to all of your departments and faculties will lead to higher volumes and lower unit costs.

Optimized Press-Ready Output & Reduced Costs

A robust online ordering system is able to provide press-ready, press-friendly output files and job tickets. The system can impose business cards, for example, multiple times up on a single larger sheet to reduce the amount of prep time the printing facility has to do. This, in turn, may lower your costs that you can negotiate with your print vendor.

Approval Routing

As an option, the online ordering system may be configured to route approval notifications for orders to a departmental head based on the department that the user selected when they self-registered. The approver receives an email notification to click on a link where they may approve the order, edit the order or deny it. This allows management control over the ordering process.

Inventory Management

A key benefit of a robust online ordering system is the ability to manage inventory levels of preprinted and pick-and-pack items. Automated low stock email notifications can be sent to stakeholders once an item reaches a predetermined inventory threshold. This will eliminate the possibility of running out of inventory of commonly used items! Another cost-saving opportunity is the use of inventoried preprinted shells for print items such as business cards and digitally imprinting, on demand, the customized portion of the item. This combination can easily bring down your unit costs!
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Consistent Billing Information

The online ordering system can be configured to accept multiple billing codes that have to be entered in such a way that they match certain requirements. The end result is consistent billing information that will please your finance department!

Integration Capabilities

Robust online ordering systems are capable of integrating with e-procurement systems and other management systems using industry-standard communication protocols. This can allow for Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication between the two different systems.

The OOSys Advantage

OOSys Online Ordering Systems

Vendor-Agnostic & Multi-Vendor Capabilities

With an OOSys Online Ordering System you are able to use any and multiple print providers or vendors to source your marketing materials, promotional items, stationery products, forms or most any other item that you may require. After an RFP goes out and new print vendor(s) are awarded, your OOSys system can simply change the vendor that orders are routed to and your end-users will still have the same ordering system that they are used to using!

Consistent End-User Experience

Since OOSys supports multiple print vendors, we can provide a consistent end-user ordering experience regardless of who the print vendor is. Most web to print systems are tied to a printing vendor, whenever you change your print vendor, the online ordering system also changes. This can lead to end-user confusion as well as reluctance to change vendors come RFP time, sometimes to the detriment of your educational institution’s best interests!

Low Cost

As a strong believer in post-secondary education, OOSys provides discounted plan pricing for all educational organizations (including primary and secondary schools and their boards). Check out our complete list of plans here.


An OOSys Web to Print Online Ordering System is a robust ordering system that provides many benefits and will let your staff be as efficient as possible when it comes to ordering stationery items and marketing materials. The cost savings along with all benefits will allow the system to pay for itself in record time while earning high marks from your users and institutional managers!